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A Passionate, Enthusiast Empath, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Lightworker, Lifestyle Consultant.

Proud mother of two gentlemen’s. A humble, lover of life. Inspiring & guiding others to Awaken the True Self leading a life by design.

My style of readings is Compassionate, Non-Judgemental, & Direct.

7 Day Divine
Mirror Work

By Rose Tan

Visual Guided Meditation

By Rose Tan

Millionaire Visualization Channel

In partnership to help create dreamers, and believers, to live in a world of prosperity and abundance.  


A huge shoutout to Rose!

I didn’t want to go back to work because I wanted to spend more time with my new baby but in order to do that I needed that guidance and support that Rose delivered so well. I was finding my energy and time to be unfocussed where she gave me the strategic tools within my abilities that helped me map out what I needed to do in my business and to also enjoy motherhood which is my biggest goal Rose helped me achieve work life balance.

Rose is an Earth Angel. 

I am honestly blown away with your psychic abilities and intuition as they are out of this world.

Your unconditional support is something I will cherish for a really long time. I seriously recommend all mums to go to Rose as many of mothers like myself don’t know what to do or where to seek help and the confusion and frustration is something all mothers overwhelmingly feel.  

Your service is invaluable Rose. 


Her coaching along with her psychic gifts just was the perfect program I needed to feel reassured and confident with what I set out to do in my life.  Rose is an incredible extraordinary gifted and talented woman with a huge heart and it clearly shows as I couldn’t have got here without her guidance. Rose is a life a long lost sister and friend. So compassionate and highly intuitive. She opened the reading on my situation without me having to say a word on what was going on in my relationship. She said I was angry with my partner because of the lack of connection and communication from his part, that we are coming into a separation leading into a new level of love, trust and a deeper connection. I couldn’t respond at the level of amount of detail she described! I was in complete awe! xx


I’ve been seeing Ms Rose for months when I feel I need to get myself realigned to manifesting my goals with her deep divine insights from Spirit and how she coached me to bettering myself with all that’s been happening around me where she’s helped me to bring love, light, and become self-empowered to reclaim my life back! She’s always been on point and direct but so kind, gentle and compassionate where things just begin to make sense. I love her readings. She’s non-judgemental like most I’ve seen. She’s someone who you can really trust.

I strongly recommend her to all my friends and family. 

You are my Goddess Ms Rose


Rose darling, thank you for being the answers to my questions! One of my most miracle worker I have come across that has guided me to correct my path and the mind blowing tarot reading sessions are just the cherry on top! When you said “he is slowing learning and becoming aware of how his emotins effects and drives him and to look at him as if he hasn’t been aware all his life”. He is only reacting and responding to what he learnt and been exposed to.  Omgosh that just enlightened me becuase we have had a couple of small moments like this before.  Thank you so much for the comfort and reassurance that this separation is only temporary in order for the two for us to learn more about each other. Thank you for making me become more aware of myself and shedding light to my problem. I know what to do now with my new life plan.


Rose Tan was intuitive and empathetic and clear in her messages. I was a little hesitant that her predictions of a wonderful opportunity will provide further prosperity into my family life and business.

She was right! It did happen! The amazing work opportunity I was offered came so unexpectedly from a woman Rose saw would come in the near future within a few weeks time! I am so excited for this wonderful offer as predicted by her Spiritual guides to prosper this new journey in my life for my family and career.

Not only she was able to explain what she was seeing and relate it my life, the wonderful experience having a reading with Rose is someone I highly would definitely recommend.



I honestly wasn’t expecting to get such an insightful reading and valuable information with her consulting skills and talents. 

She over delivered with choc full of valuable life changing points that I realized I needed to create change for a better outcome.

Her methods are crafted to my personal ways of learning and development so its been such an eye opener.



A wonderful woman oozing with positive energy and enthusiasm. My reading was an incredibly touching experience in which some really accurate home truths were discovered, along with a few beautiful messages from the other side which made sense. I found myself feeling emotional during and after the session and fell straight asleep afterwards due to its positive effect. Something I have been struggling to do lately. I would recommend Rose very highly to anyone who needs/wants to talk to somebody about anything life related really. Thanks again Rose! I will definitely be coming back 🙂


I knew there was something magically beautiful about you the moment I saw your picture.

You have so much love and passion that I can even feel through the air.

I am so grateful to have this special divine bond and connection with you my dear soul sister.

You light up the world with every step you make Rose.

Thank you for being you and for being such a beautiful treasured gift”

For that I am right by your side and can’t wait to hear more about your next adventure my soul sister.


“I have used to feel anxiety and a bad feeling for a long time when it came to applying for admin work for years and years. It also happened again when I started my own Voice & Confidence Coaching job, as only thinking about admin duties made me feel anxious and refuse to do all those things, affecting negatively my business. Until I decided I needed help and work on personal development and growth with Rose to help me heal from the root of all-cause that were hidden in places I didn’t even remember I had inside. After Just 4 weeks working together, I felt reborn again: that day, I was talking to a collaborator regarding some admin work and automatically expecting that familiar bad gut feeling to come but… nothing! It was a surprise, it was gone! Finally, that anxiety was replaced by a neutral feeling and a good “I will figure it out” attitude.


I’m so grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m not scared anymore, I made up with my past. Love you!!!!!”


5/5 Stars


Never received so much value from my experience with Rose. 

Her energy, wisdom and depth of knowledge is unlike anyone else you will ever meet. 

She really does go out of her way to understand you and position her services that is tailored to you. 

Cannot recommend her enough. 

Do yourself a favour and meet this amazing person.


I had one of the greatest conversations with Rose sharing what I teach to our audiences with her guidance to lead the interview and made me feel comfortable and relaxed in her presence.

She is truly a unique gifted beautiful soul.

Someone who you can depend on when you need to uplift your Spirit.

You’re a great interviewer Rose!


Rose got my attention for her spontaneity and cheerfulness, and after connecting with her I promptly perceived her positive attitude and her high level of energy which is so refreshing! 

Interacting with Rose sparked and ignited my inspiration, and new ideas to become more creative in how I manage my time and strategy in my business! She genuinely wants to give back in helping others achieve their life goals just how she did successfully. It’s a pleasure to stay connected with her! 

Thanks, Rose!”


Rose has done a few readings for me, and her intuition is really on point.

Hard to describe, something you need to personally experience.

Highly recommend, love her personality.


Rose! My Divine Goddess xx 

Hair raising when you picked up on particular things that nobody can know about! You have helped me to make my marriage more menaingful than what it use to be. 

Thank you for being the light at my darkest times.

 One of the big reasons why I keep coming back! 


Thankyou Rose!

You are spot on right from the beginning and through till the end of the reading.

I barely mentioned anything personal related and you immediately picked up on what was weighing on me what felt like a tonne of bricks stacking on my shoulders!

I cannot thank enough for the vlaue you have added into my life.


Hey Rose!  You are AMAZING! You make so mcuh sense and sounds promising after what you have picked up after myself and my situation. 

Thank you for making things clearer as I now feel more confident in myself which has been a long time. Thank you so much for your magical insights. Please accept a gift from me when it arrives to you PO Box as a token of my gratitude and appreciation.



Just as you predicted Rose! I can’t express how grateful I am for the reading. 

The way you clearly helped me understand the powers of the mind works to my favour only when I choose to shift my awareness and focus on my desirable outcome which is landing this dream job! 

I knew you were the real deal when you asked me if I saw the City of Oregan, Portland. 

Spot on! I look forward to getting another reading on my love life next sugar mama.


Wow! She immediately taps in.

She gives me hope and details on what has happened and predicts what is likely to happen – SPOT ON ROSE!!

I freaking got goosebumps still! You have empowered me. You’ve enlightened me with your divine wisdom by helping me understand the characters of the people in my life! Love your style!!

Will always seek your insights and advice.

Your loyal fan and student.


Gosh she taps in so fast. Gives me so much hope again!! Provides in depth details to the point of realizing I had snap out of the amazing insights that kept me in awe. She so empowering everytime I get a reading from her.

She’s so gifted and talented! She knows exactly what is going on!! Her many predictions are so hair raising and on point and she shares what is coming up in my life on what to avoid and take precaution. 

How on earth does she pick up that my partner has dark brown hair with blue eyes without me telling her any details about him – let alone that I have a partner!

Love her style!!

You are gift to this world


5/5 Stars rating – 

I’ve been getting tarot readings from Ms Rose for months when I feel the need to get myself realigned to manifesting my goals. She’s on point and direct but so kind, gentle and compassionate where things just makes sense. 

I love her readings. totally unbiased. She’s someone who you can really trust. I strongly recommend her to all my friends and family. 


5/5 Stars rating – 

She over delivered with choc full of valuable life changing points that I realized I needed to create change for a better outcome



5/5 Stars rating – 

Wow. Never received so much value from my experience with Rose.  

Her energy, wisdom and depth of knowledge is unlike anyone else you will ever meet. 

She really does go out of her way to understand you and position her services that is tailored to you. 

Cannot recommend her enough. Do yourself a favour and meet this amazing person.


4/5 Stars rating – 

So far a good match, the content i can understand, and is in a kind and compassionate delivery.

Ali Avi

Rose is professional on delivering her products and services, and she’s caring about the client’s results.

Very good experience, thank you Rose!

Bob La Bella

My partner and I recently had a tarot reading with Rose. 

It was fun, friendly and very informative.  

What a wonderful experience.

Thank you Rose.

Michael – Brigham Plumbing