“Everything that has happened for you is preparing you to become the best version of yourself”

I wasn’t always known to be an inspiring, uplifted, high energy Spirit, optimistic, positive, and courageous woman. It took me a while to wake up and realize I have powers to recreate my life how I wish it’d to be.

Having to experience what felt like a lifetime of many heartbreaks, breakdowns, depression, anxiety, fears, and traumas – I have stepped out of the deep dark abyss and shadows of my self-beliefs to owning and embracing the inner wounded child and Higher self to allow the Spirit to shine through freely. 

I discovered the silver lining, blessings and lessons behind everything that has happened for me for a valuable reason has awakened me to honor my vulnerability and humbleness as it is my source of powerhouse. A double Leo equals double the fun! Ruled by the Sun – I cannot cease to shine so bright! The signs were stacked up against the odds and I couldn’t ignore the inner voice – my truth!

People are drawn to my vibrant warm energy. Fun loving nature and someone who genuinely cares and wants to see you shine and succeed. 

I believe God gifted us with the tools to create change towards unlimited desired goals. 

Unfortunately, not all of us knows how to use and harness these powers. This is where I come in to help guide you towards your bright light.

I grew to become so passionately in lover with life who considers life is meant to be fun creating magic moments where I am driven to inspire, motivate, and guide others to lead a life they are destined and designed to experience.

A proud Vietnamese, Melbourne, Australian born chica who learnt that life is a game thanks to my spirit father Neville Goddard teaching me on how to play the game of life to understanding my true self-value/worth when Gratitude and Self-love became imprinted in my heart and soul.   

Blessed to become a mother of two precious little gentlemen who have taught me to be more present in the moment, be in my childlike state and savoring every precious moments with my loved ones.

As a Psychic Clairvoyant growing up with constant fascination of how magic works my curiosity grows and expands as I surrender to my divine gifts to honor what has bestowed upon me to harness my powers and shed light to those seeking enlightenment.  

I wouldn’t know where I’d be without my ancestral spirit guides and the Monkey God Hanuman to help connect to my divine wisdom and source with the great Creator himself. 

As Lifestyle Alchemist radiating my light with the energy of Venus from the divine feminine energy. as well as an Empath, Starseed, Indigo Soul & Lightworker – I find liberation and great joy to help uplift another soul and spirit to focus and shift the energies to oneself to create what they have been missing.

Known for passion about my loving practice of teaching the balance between the feminine and masculine energy to help create fulfilled relationships emotionally and spiritually.



How I start my day!

No matter what happens, I always find the time to prep and prime my day even in between the demands of my hectic busy days with my children.

I keep a daily reminder to always find time for myself – even if its only for 10 mins even 5 mins in the morning before getting the boys ready for school I put a smile on my face before anything else. 

I do my morning conscious deep breathing, thanking myself, my inner child, my higher self, the Angels, mother nature, the Universe, my children, my spiritual guides, and God himself. 

Then sending the loving and healing powers to everyone I have encountered in my life.  Set my intensions for the day before I get out of bed.  Then I do my neck stretches followed through with my daily yoga workout, and Kinergy. 

Below is an example of how I prime my mind for the day, as well as how I stay actively positive with getting into a peak state with my favorite music to connect with my divine femme energy, and stay physically fit and healthy for long term benefits.

Enjoy xx

7 Day Divine Mirror Work